Pullman State Historic Site: ULI Releases Technical Assistance Panel Report

As a follow-up to an earlier post here at the Lakota blog regarding the Pullman State Historic Site, the Urban Land Institute-Chicago District Council just released the Final Report of its Technical Assistance Panel Visit to the site last October.  The report provides a summary of the Panel’s findings during its three-day site visit, including strategies and recommendations for preserving the remaining buildings of Pullman Palace Car Factory complex and in forging “creative” partnerships between the public and private sectors to facilitate reinvestment in the site and surrounding neighborhood.  The Lakota Group participated as a member of the panel, contributing strategies and ideas related to preservation planning and design improvements, such as streetscaping and wayfinding signage programs that would help unify and enhance the overall physical appearance of the Pullman neighborhood.  The Lakota Group was pleased to be a part of this important effort. 

For more information on the Pullman State Historic Site Technical Assistance Panel Final Report, follow this link to the Urban Land Institute-Chicago District Council.



About Nick Kalogeresis, AICP

Planner, preservationist, urbanist, architectural historian, practicing Celtic musician, lover of great of places - all-around good guy. Currently works for the Lakota Group in Chicago, Illinois.

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