Six Corners Economic Development Master Plan Project Site

The City of Chicago Department of Housing and Economic Development along with the Offices of the 45th and 38th Ward Aldermen, the Six Corners Association and residents of the Portage Park and Irving Park communities has embarked on the creation of a new Economic Development Master Plan for the Six Corners commercial district, located at the intersections of Cicero and Milwaukee Avenues and Irving Park Road.  The goal of the Master Plan is to create and propose effective strategies, programs, and initiatives that revitalize and enhance one of Chicago’s oldest and most important neighborhood shopping districts.  The Master Plan also seeks to build on the district’s significant assets, including its retail anchors, long-time businesses and cultural attractions, and intact stock of historic commercial buildings.

Once completed, the Master Plan will include a number of elements:

  • Revitalization strategies and recommendations for the vacant sites and commercial frontage.  Extensive market research and analysis will help determine the appropriate mix and amount of retail, entertainment, and business establishments that could draw more customers into Six Corners.
  • Recommendations for new district-wide marketing and promotional efforts to support local businesses.
  • Recommendations for additional physical enhancements to add to the appeal of Six Corners and help attract businesses and shoppers.
  • Recommendations for enhancing District transportation access, parking, and connections, making it easier for pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles to get to Six Corners.
  • Recommendations for wayfinding system and signage that can help people move about safely in Six Corners.
  • Strategies, options and scenarios for preserving and adapting existing historic buildings and resources for new economic uses.


Master Plan preparation will be conducted over a six to seven month time period, which began in January 2012.  There will be many opportunities to become engaged in the process, including two Community Workshops, the first of which is being held on April 11, 2012 at the Lydia Home Association, 4839 West Irving Park Road.  Feel free to drop in and participate in the workshop discussions.  For more information, download the workshop flyer: Six Corners Workshop #1 Flyer

Consultant Team

A multidisciplinary team was selected by the City of Chicago Housing and Economic Development Department to develop the Master Plan.  Goodman Williams Group (Chicago) will serve as Project Manager for this assignment and will complete all market analysis and economic development-related elements.  Findzall Community Marketing (Elmhurst, Illinois) will work with Goodman Williams Group as a senior consultant for District marketing and promotion issues.  Victoria Granacki of Granacki Historic Consultants (Chicago) will also provide historic preservation planning consultation.  The Lakota Group (Chicago) will provide land use planning, urban design and Main Street revitalization services, and Gewalt-Hamilton Associates (Vernon Hills/Chicago)  will provide input on parking, traffic and transportation planning issues.


Project partners in the development of the Economic Development Master Plan include:

Please check this website regularly for project updates.


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